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We live within walls; in beautiful sprawling fields within strong, tall walls. We enter through majestic gates and leave the chaos and the dust of the outer world behind. Little do we realise the true extent of these walls. They not only cut out dust and chaos; they cut out reality.

Within our own little paradise, we all carve out a niche for ourselves where we live in a world of opportunity, of books and classes, of friends and food, all with our own little eccentricities.

Beyond the walls, there exists another world, a world of struggle and survival, of which we are blissfully unaware. It is a world of people we cannot and do not want to associate with. We cannot relate to them or to their way of life. Why escape from reality?

So confined is the man to his micro-environment of himself, that he sticks out like a sore thumb elsewhere. That is but human nature. With each passing day, we distance ourselves further from our own soil; we are too ashamed to associate ourselves with who we are. We fail to realise that just as we built these tall walls and grand wrought-iron gates, we can tear them down. Society provides us with ample opportunities for service. But we choose to destroy the very essence of opportunity for to serve is never without material motive. That, after all, is human nature.

In this manner, we continue to live in our ivory towers, miles away from reality, though only a few steps away.

'Read between the lines' Artist: Kenton Avery.


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