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The Normality Illusion

Normality is an illusion: we often tend to get lured into thinking that being "normal" is being like everyone around us. We tend to copy what others do and classify "normal" as being like the rest. However, this is a misconception; in fact, it makes one change his or her actual personality to fit in and blend with the people around them. This attempt to fit in completely changes the beliefs and ideas the person follows and converts it into something unoriginal. Something abnormal. Whenever we venture beyond our comfort zone, the notion of normal is challenged. In turn, we tend to replicate the behaviour of society around us in our inner, true selves. When this happens, we undergo changes and begin to do things differently—thinking, talking, and behaving in order to blend in with the rest, a sort of herd mentality. If one fails to do so, they either circumvent the people who’ve ‘changed’ or mistake themselves for being inferior, thereby damaging one’s well-being, both physical and mental. Many from my generation especially suffer from this problem. All of us, often subconsciously, behave in a manner we wouldn’t typically choose to, just so that we can be accepted by, say, a certain friend circle (a model for society in general), commonly the one that includes the "popular" and "cool" people. However, in doing so, we forget that we are trying to be accepted into a group that may or may not like our true selves and may otherwise even isolate us for who we really are. What's scarier is that we sometimes lock out our feelings for the people we care about most. In the process of "fitting in," the ill effects of bad influences are inevitable, and eventually, an individual is forced to lock away their true selves and disguise them behind a mask to "fit into" society. The mask quietly smothers away the final breaths of life. A life true to ourselves, a life truly happy.

On the contrary, a more courageous person would feel free to discuss any matter with anyone. They wouldn’t buckle under pressure and try to put on an appealing facade. Most importantly, they wouldn't be afraid to express their emotions. Before you go, let me leave you thinking: Are you being your true self or pretending to be someone else? Be honest with yourself, for it means a great deal to your life and the future ahead... not mine.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? - Dr Seuss


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