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Maybe, maybe not.

Existential crisis?

Imagine. Imagine a world without people, a world where humans never existed. A world where nature remained untapped, where animals are free to roam wherever without death, manifested in the metaphysical form of man, its watchful eye stalking them from afar. Where dogs and cats, plants and animals all lived in harmony. No colossal, shiny, metallic vessels travelling across the horizon, their bellows echoing across the blue skies. A world void of all the invisible monsters we have birthed into this world. Maybe we are the virus infecting nature herself, oh so pure. No Einstein, no Beethoven, no Adam and no Eve.

Now imagine a world where dinosaurs still existed. A world where no asteroid wiped out 165 million years of earth’s history leaving behind only a jigsaw of fossils to narrate a time long gone. A time when life, from what I know, seemed simpler, though the same. A time when brawns reigned superior over brains until fate itself decided to prove different. But, imagine that never happened, that fate and its asteroid armada never killed the dinosaur. That prehistoric time is today’s present and we humans millions of years away from our spotlight on the big screen. Maybe the animals we see today will never come to be in a world that is so stable that evolution seems a waste of energy. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe we may even come into existence living in parallel with these majestic, fictional beasts. Maybe, maybe not.

Fast-forward. Imagine a world millions and billions of years from now. A world where humanity's tumultuous reign comes to end and Mother Earth is relieved of her suffering. Our license to exist - expired. What would the world become? Will some animals still survive? How will it all end, maybe another asteroid or a great alien invasion perhaps? No one will ever know, not even Mother Earth herself. Her fate, not in her hands, but in time. Just like ours. Our very existence a memento mori...


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