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The forest opened into a sort of plate-shaped clearing. The ground carpeted with lush, green grass. The sky above us a light blue. No birds or insects in sight. All were silent. No cricket chirps or sparrows singing. It felt like we were in space. We, as in her and I. We were all alone (or so we thought at the time). I remember her dark hazel hair momentarily resting upon the soft grass below us. The discordance of the two colours etched itself into the walls of my head. All I see is that green and brown. I don’t remember her face. My eyes, to this day, are blind to its beauty.

We sat there staring into that empty sky, staring into the void. The pounding of our hearts filled our little bubble like a mellifluous melody, each one telling its own tale (though at the time it seemed to us as one tale - our tale). That was the last time I saw her. The last time we met, the last time our two very distant worlds collided.

She began to cry. The sky around us darkened, and it was almost as if a part of her did the same. We lay still, just as before, inhaling the petrichor. Breathe in. Breathe out. I remember her perfect lips and white teeth smiling at me, the rest of her face a blur in my memory. They spoke to me in a language without words. A language only her heart and mine alone could comprehend. She held my hand one last time, her skin against mine. Time stopped.

I saw her again one last time, after what felt like an eternity. Our hair was grey, and so were the memories. I have to remind myself it isn't her I miss. It's the gaps I filled where her love could've been...


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