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Bound, Gagged, and Voiceless

In the beginning, nothing mattered;

A never-ceasing struggle

For nothing; or at least,

Nothing worth having.

Bound, gagged, and voiceless.

When life becomes a mere illusion,

And beliefs

Are washed away by the waters

Of dead pointlessness,

Then time loses essence,

Much like everything else.

And even while worlds are being destroyed

And remade and reformed,

Nobody cares.

'Til birds begin to fly again —

And reach for the heaven of freedom;

Where, although in the beginning, nothing mattered,

And survival was an unending struggle

For nothing worth having,

There is always something worth fighting for.

Bound, gagged…but not voiceless.

- Tarun Mathew Doss

1. Balloon Girl by Banksy

2. Guernica by Pablo Picasso

3. Oh Freedom by Barbara Jones-Hogu

4. Sunagawa #5 by Nakamura Hiroshi

5. Armored Dove by Banksy

6. Human Laundry, Belsen: April 1945 by Doris Zinkeisen


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