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Mors Vincit Omnia

Death, the great unknown, a mystery we can't unearth,

A whisper in the wind, a shadow that gives birth.

To thoughts of what's beyond, to questions we can't solve,

To memories that linger, of those we could not involve.

It's the end of a journey, the close of a book,

It's the last breath we take, a final goodbye look.

Yet, it's not just an ending, but also a new start,

A chance to be remembered, to hold a place in the heart.

For death is not a defeat, but a passage to be,

A transformation, a journey, that sets our souls free.

So let us not fear death, but embrace what it brings,

For it's a part of life, a dance on the strings.

Of life and its journey, that ends and begins,

And though death may seem dark, it's light that it brings.

- Tarun Mathew Doss


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