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Life goes on...

People are funny beings. Funny to observe, funny to listen to, and funny to be around. Every day I see a lot of people. And when I say lots, I mean it. Some are happy, some are not, and some are grey. Some have it all, some nothing and some are grey. Some crave all, some nothing and some are grey. Now, my readers must be thoroughly confused as to what this "grey" thing is. Grey is a very interesting term. Both black and white, yet neither. Both good and bad, yet neither. Both here and there, yet nowhere. Many people are like that too. They are those who forever live in a twilight zone of neither day nor night, but both. This does not mean they get the best of both. Ask me: I should know the value of light and dark at their proper time. I really do not appreciate extremism or fanaticism, but I do not appreciate indecisiveness either. I mean, one has to make up one’s mind some time or the other. Decisions, yes, decisions. History is made and unmade by decisions. Not everything in life can be left to ‘eithers’ and ‘ors’, or any other scary conjunctions. After all, humans are blessed with the ability to think. An indecisive hypocrite myself, I have observed these people for years now, and yet they have never stopped to chat with me even once. Somehow, I am not part of their lives. Somehow, I am invisible. Occasionally, they throw things around me or come and hug me. I don’t mind. I am too tired now to care. Maybe I am better left alone.

Now I sit alone. A vast, grey expanse of road stretches before me; the sun beats down hard. I can feel the heat as it shimmers above the road, blurring my vision. It’s been hours since I last had a drink, surrounded by endless, barren plains I start to walk. My tattered clothes provide no shelter from the scorching heat and the cracks in my heels are giving way to infection, as I make my way through the monotony. I linger on; my throat parched; one last hope of finding reality helps me go on. Ambition drove me mad, love broke me to bits, and hope is all I have left. My ambitions turned to greed, and love to sinful lust. Exposed as I am, the hot winds redefine me, gently soothing my weary body. For a few moments, I became complacent. I stumble and fall. But the road goes on, not stopping for me. A circle of vultures surround me, awaiting the inevitable. My eyes close, and peace abounds...

*** Somewhere far away in the blackening plains, a vulture feeds its newborn dinner. Life goes on.


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