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A Letter from God

In the near future, our race will be faced with a range of crises. With countries engulfed in a world war, water levels exponentially rising, and erratic climate changes. Our future looks grim. Grim, perhaps to the extent of our extinction. Such a world will witness people getting by with no set destination. A resurgence of our inherent nomadic way of life in search of a home that will never come to be. It is in these trying times that fate's wind leads a peculiar-looking scroll right into your wilting arms. You pick it up and squint to read what looks like words. It was a letter... "Dear Death, I hope you receive this letter in the pink of health. I am happy to know that you are well pleased with the number of souls on your plate these days. But beware, my friend, for it was not too long ago that your predecessor let these delusive souls get the better of him. I could not bear him anymore; hence, I had put you at this post to carry forth your good work. All is well as long as you do not suffer the same fate. Remember to not give into their traps; beware, especially of human souls. I have heard that theirs invoke the most desire. I know them. They let you eat them only as a way in, and once they do that, they destroy you from the inside out. These crooks leave nobody. They managed to corrupt even my own children on Earth without the slightest bit of work; I myself could not believe what I saw. So proceed with caution, dear friend. Yours Livingly, God"

You wake up with a start. You're confused, but to your surprise, a smile breaks across your face. "God is just like us," you think. "Even He tries to justify his children and blame someone else." However, little did you know that God had seen enough to know that it was solely us who were to blame for our own extinction and that even He would have to admit it someday.


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